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Small Businesses’ Must Have Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing is an ever-evolving industry that enables companies to connect with their consumers and strengthen their businesses at all levels by optimizing social media marketing through various channels. The following social media marketing tools can assist you in managing and maximizing your social media content, track the success of your social media efforts, obtain actionable insights on your audience to enhance your online presence, and access the right audience at the right moment. Here are 10 of the best social media marketing tools to boost your social media marketing skills:


Google Analytics. Google Analytics is the most comprehensive and easiest to use website statistics tool on the web. It is considered one of the most effective social media marketing tools because it is very easy to use. The advanced analytics feature gives you the ability to analyze the performance of all your social media campaigns and spot any loopholes.


Google Analytics Content Network. Google’s Content Network is a repository of user-created content that helps you evaluate the value of your social media marketing efforts. You can use this platform to analyze your SEO performance and search engine results. The advanced analytics offers detailed information on your visitors, their behaviors, and their interests. You can also obtain insightful data on keywords that bring traffic and engagement.


Tweetado. Twitter is a powerful tool to analyze the success of your social media marketing strategy. Built on plug-in modules, this helpful tool can analyze different metrics such as engagement and click-through rate. To make the most out of this powerful tool, install the latest version of Twitterbreak, version 6. You can also integrate this tool with Google Analytics, so that you can measure the conversion of articles into sales and traffic to your website.


Instagram. The latest Instagram allows you to connect and share pictures through its unique visual sharing platform. Use the official Instagram tools and upload photos from your social media marketing campaigns. Google Analytics is integrated with Instagram so that you can obtain insight on how the activity on the platform is faring against other popular social media marketing tools.


Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights is a social media marketing tool that provides detailed insights on the interest, engagement and browsing habits of the Facebook audience. With this tool, you can easily track down your top prospects, measure their engagement level, as well as monitor the number of times that your ads are displayed on their wall. With detailed demographic data, you can easily formulate your next campaign.


Digg. Digg is another highly influential social media marketing tool that allows you to rank and discover news stories and information. When it comes to social media marketing tools, Digg is the king of them all! This simple social media marketing tool makes content easy to consume by readers. The best part about this service is that you don’t need any technical knowledge to optimize your content and drive maximum traffic to your website.


iFiction. If you have created any great content or if you know any good internet marketers, you must not ignore iFiction. iFiction is a social media management company that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners in delivering more interesting content to their audience. It offers unique and engaging content through personalized iFiction Cards and ifttt StumbleUpon button. It also offers services like keyword research, social media marketing tools and social media management. If you want to get the ball rolling, contact iFiction today.


htap. Another very famous social media marketing tools mishap. Google’s unique and powerful search engine optimization tool mishap. It allows you to manage and schedule the old content and comments on your blog. The greatest thing about this tool is that it works well with Google AdWords. If you want to know more about this powerful scheduling tool, you can talk to Google’s developers directly.


If you want to optimize your social media marketing tools, there are several important things that you must keep in mind. One of them is the importance of using unique and personalized URL for all your social media marketing posts and submissions. Always submit your posts to blog directories, video sites and other relevant websites. Keep in mind to use keyword enriched titles and URL for all your blog posts. You can also use a keyword research tool to find out which keywords work best for your niche. You must always remember to include SEO friendly content in your posts so that search engines can easily recognize your posts.


Social media monitoring tools are now available in several different versions and it is not easy for small businesses to decide which one to choose from. The most important thing to consider before buying any social media monitoring tool is to know how it will work in improving your business. If you have any questions or issues regarding its functionality, you can ask your sales team or get assistance from a support team. So, when you are starting small businesses, it is better for you to invest money in buying quality social media marketing tools to monitor and promote your business online.

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