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Social Media Marketing For Real Estate

It’s time to make your next move, and if you have not already, then now is the time. In case you are unaware of what social media marketing is, then allow me to explain. Social media marketing is a marketing strategy that allows you to connect with those who have similar interests and lifestyles to yourself. You can now share your own stories and thoughts, as well as those of others, with the world. There is much more that you can do on social media than simply “like” or follow someone.


One reason why I feel that social media is so beneficial for the real estate marketer, is because it allows you to reach a much more targeted audience. This means that the real estate agent is no longer reaching an audience that is unqualified to buy or sell a home. I know that this might sound contrary to what you are probably hearing right now. Let me explain.


It wasn’t long ago when social media was just beginning to take off on the Internet. Now, the biggest social media sites, such as Facebook, have become very popular among all age groups and demographics. It’s no surprise really, since most people use these sites as a way to stay in touch and keep up with friends and family. This is a great tool for anyone who is trying to market their real estate business.


However, there are some other very important advantages to using social media marketing to promote your real estate website. When you use social networking websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare and other similar sites, you are able to create a dialogue with your prospects. It’s much more engaging and more enjoyable than having a phone sales call.


The other advantage to social media is that it allows you to follow up on leads that you might not get otherwise. If you have someone who called you and left a message, you can go on Facebook right away and follow up with them. This is definitely more efficient than cold calling. There is also more possibility for you to sell to that person at that time as opposed to waiting for a return phone call. They may be thinking that they have to wait for a return phone call, but what if you offer them a free social media marketing course or report on something they need?


You can also use social media to help you learn more about your prospects and about the specific real estate market in which they are interested. If you are new to the industry then this is a great way to gain information quickly. You can find out how many homes are on the market in a certain area, how much they are selling for, and other important details. This type of research can make a huge difference in how well you know your real estate market and how successful you are as a realtor. This is important because it will allow you to pass on more accurate information to clients who want to see the inside information before making a decision.


Finally, real estate marketing can be very effective when it involves social networking. The Internet is one of the most popular and active social networking platforms out there today. When you add social media to your overall real estate marketing efforts, you are going to be able to reach more prospective clients and have more success overall. You want to make sure that you are always networking with clients so that they can keep track of everything that is going on with your business.


The reality is that social media is only going to become more important in the real estate world as time goes on. In fact, experts are predicting that it will be more important in five years than it is today. This means that you will definitely want to consider getting involved now while you still have some time. If you wait until it is too late then you will miss out on one of the best opportunities to grow your business right now. Take the time to learn about social media today and find out if you are missing out on an opportunity for growth. You might just be surprised by all the information that you can get online.

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