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Tips For Applying As a Social Media Marketing Intern

If you’re interested in social media marketing, it’s best to start your search on local job sites, or search the keywords “social media marketing” and use the city and/or state that you live in as the search criteria. Most local employers will recruit directly from Keene State University, whether as interns or full-time interns. For instance, Social Media Marketing in Keene, NH needs students in the Department of History and Politics to apply for a spring 2021 paid internship at Paragon Digital Marketing.


The key to becoming a social media marketing (SMM) intern is to have real experience in digital marketing or social media marketing, with either work in an account, as an independent contractor, or as a contributor to a larger agency. Some graduates of the program are so skilled that they immediately land jobs that require writing copy or product descriptions for search engine optimization. However, most graduates of SMM internships become entry-level employees in small, local digital marketing firms or social media marketing departments. So what types of tasks can an aspiring intern find?


A social media marketing intern might also be an online manager for a search engine optimization company. This individual would be responsible for managing the internal social media accounts of a client company, but wouldn’t usually be the primary writer for the posts nor be involved in day-to-day decision making on content. This person would be a valued member of the social media marketing team, assisting in keyword theme campaigns, link building for SEO articles, posting engaging and useful blogs, and monitoring social media marketing performance of the SEO firm. The online manager would be expected to help write the blog posts, submit articles to the blogs, and participate in discussions on social media channels. This position could be very demanding, though fortunately there are many online managers working at top-notch SEO firms already.


Another part-time position that an aspiring social media marketing intern could hold is a social media manager for an agency’s in-house social media accounts. This individual would manage the social media channels for the agency’s major clients, but wouldn’t necessarily be the primary writer or manager for these accounts. Instead, this individual would be responsible for hiring staff to handle the SMM work, approving content to be placed on the social media channels, and helping to respond to queries from current customers as needed. This position will be less demanding than the in-house manager role, but there will still be hours of online management required.


Social media interns can also find full or part-time placements working as freelance writers for online content providers. Freelance writers are often required to do basic research, create quality content, and submit their work for publication on online content directories. The work they do will not be as intensive as an internship, but it can be very lucrative and fulfilling. Many college degree holders have expressed interest in working as freelancers online, since this flexible schedule fits well with their lifestyle. In addition, most freelancers start their own businesses after completing their internships.


When searching for an internship that would qualify as a social media marketing internship, it is a good idea to contact companies directly. There are many freelance job websites available, as well as agencies that place interns in various businesses. If a potential intern decides to pursue a social media marketing internship through one of these two sources, he or she will likely be competing against other students for the same job. For students who plan on applying for jobs through an internship agency, it is important to make sure the internship provider is reputable. Since the internships offered through agencies may be run by inexperienced employees, those students who land jobs through an internship program run by a well-established agency have an edge. The Internet makes it easier for potential interns to research agencies and companies, and potential employers can use the Internet to do business.


Before starting an internship, it is a good idea to consider whether the chosen social media marketing company has a physical office or if it works mostly online. Part-time interns are usually allowed to work from home, so they may want to determine whether their preferred digital marketing company has a physical office or if it is mostly online. This information will go a long way in securing the intern’s job, since it shows potential employers that the student has legitimate employment even though he or she is only part-time. The convenience of working online allows part-time students to finish their assignments on time as well, which employers value more than any amount of extra or part-time work. It is also easy for students to work part-time compared to taking classes full-time, especially if the student is committed to learning new skills.


Marketing is a very competitive career, and it pays to be knowledgeable about a variety of topics. After signing up for an internship, it is a good idea to become familiar with several online marketing tools such as pay per click, search engine optimization, web 2.0 strategies, social media campaigns, and viral marketing. There are also tools such as Google Analytics that companies use to track the performance of their social media campaigns. Learning about these tools can also make it easier for students to take online marketing courses in the future.

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